Quadcopter Woes

Chandler and I decided to take the quadcopter out to test the image quality. In direct sunlight, it leaves some to be desired. I’ll hold out for the GoPro 4 and upgrade at that time. Things started going horribly wrong shortly before 2:42, when I panic and press a stick the wrong way. This sends the quadcopter under the bridge and out of signal range. The quadcopter’s return-to-home feature initiates at this point. I was able to cancel it but it started again at 3:08 as I was running across the bridge. See me pop into frame at the end […]

Taking the Scenic Route

A trip back from Tahoe took an awesome turn as I chose to take the long way back. That’s what being an Autonaut is all about. Good thing I had the GoPro with me. This car is a 1989 Honda Civic RT4WD, completely stock save for a GReddy turbo kit. Super fun on the street, and surprisingly capable off.